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How do we use cookies?

On our company’s website, we sometimes use “cookie” and “IP address” for the purposes below,

  1. to investigate the failure and the cause of problems on webserver.
  2. to improve the content of our website and e-mail, etc.
  3. to customize the content of our website and e-mail, etc for each customer.
  4. In our membership service which requires registration of personal information, to use your browsing history and answer for questionnaire for our marketing activities.
  5. to use cookies as statistic analysis without personal identification.

You can set not to receive cookies by activating the configuration on your internet browser, but at the same time, some of services may be limited and your experience on our website will be less satisfactory.

Links to  third-party sites

Our website may provide links to third-party sites.
Although we always pay attention to the selection of them,  we can not be responsible for the protection of personal information and contents on third-party sites.

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